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Customer Gallery

I got the pistols yesterday afternoon, and they look wonderful!
The pictures do not do them justice (especially the CZ).
I put the laminate grips on the CZ, and it is one awesome looking gun;
maybe not for everybody, but way cool to me.
When I get a chance I will take some pictures and send them off to you.
I will also post on the CZ Forum about the great job that you did.

Philadelphia, PA


I just received the folding knife I sent for the Digital Urban camo.
I couldn't be more pleased, this is outstanding work.
I will be sending you another folding knife to be refinished.
I should be able to get it in the mail by the end of the week.
Thanks again


Received the knife today, once again an outstanding job.
I couldn't be more pleased.


Thanks, I received the two knives back today..........they are great as usual.

Dayton, OH

I am happy to find someone that treats their customers
the same way I try to treat mine. There should be some
more work coming your way in the future.

A T (A.P.S.G.)
, TX

Here is a final picture of the Sig 225 you did for us with
the grips and all.  It looks better right now than the stuff
coming out of Sig's custom shop and had many compliments on it.
Very nice work. Its amazing how good a 26 year old
police trade-in can turn out.

Florence, KY


Received my stocks yesterday, put it together looks great.
Thanks again, you will get more business from me
and I will highly recommend Para Bellum to my friends!

San Antonio, TX

I just got the rifle back and she's perfect. I really
like the matte black look and feel. Thanks for taking all
the time and care to get everything right, I really appreciate it.


GREAT job... I really like the color of the rifle and the
color you picked for the bolt carrier was perfect!
The slant brake looks clean and original.

Garrison, NY

Got the furniture set today, it is beautiful.
I'm looking forward to getting the rifle done.
I will be contacting you about the Parkerizing in a couple
of weeks. Awesome job, thanks again.


Got the parked rifle ,it looks great! I can't believe
it's the same gun. Thanks guys.

Warwick, RI

You surprised me by getting it done so quickly for me, thanks! It looks amazing!

Holiday, FL

The M4 is Awesome!!!! You do great work and
I will tell everybody I can.


You have outdone yourself Brother!!  This thing is your best yet.
I didn’t think the MK12 could be outdone, but I
think this one does it.  Can’t wait to see it in
the field.  I’ll get some good pic’s for you.

Louisville, KY

Rifle showed up today, everything looks great!

Graham, WA

It looks great, you definitely surpassed my expectations.....
....i'll be contacting you soon for another gun project.

C. W.
Lake Havasu City, AZ

Thanks to Steve at Para Bellum for the great work!

C. C.
Owensboro, KY

Great work man, I am so impressed with your attention
to detail! I feel very confident that you will be hearing
from my USPSA shooting community in the near future.
I know that I have several pistols, rifles and shotguns
that will be heading your way over the winter. I will
serve as a VERY Happy customer in anyway that I can,
just let me know.
Thanks again,

Louisville, KY

The finishes look outstanding. You did an excellent job!
The glock work is top notch, it is exactly what I
wanted! Cant say enough what a great job you did,
thanks again! I am positive you will have some
more business coming from up here soon!

Juneau AK

Outstanding Stephen, just outstanding! Man, it looks great.
Can't thank you enough. Now you have cost me
countless hours looking thru all the camo finishes
on your site for my next project. Again thanks for
the great job on my Taurus.


I picked up my rifle today and can't believe
the beautiful job you did! You have earned my business from
now on. I'll be sending another rifle to you soon. Thanks again! 


I picked up my Bulgarian 107cr AK rifle today and it looks GREAT!!!!

Frankfort, KY

Picked up the shotgun Sat.  Looks great!  Really good job.

Shepherdsville, KY

I must say, the 50 looks awesome!  Excellent job.

Mt. Airy, MD

Hi, just got the AR.  The pictures did not do it justice….
This thing looks amazing and is exactly how I wanted the color scheme!
I'm on my way to the gun store to show it off!  Thanks again.

Stevensville, MI

Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent work that you did on
refinishing my para-ordnance 1911 slide. It is everything that
I had hoped for. I will definitely have some more work for you
in the future and will not hesitate to recommend you to
others as a quality house. Thanks again.