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Stock Set Mods
Vent Slots - Shortening Length of Pull - Bedding
Adding Equipment Rails & Sling Attachment Points


Polymer Pistol Frame Mods


Grip Texturing
One of the most important things to a shooter is grip. To harsh of a
surface can be down right painful, while to smooth of a grip surface can
hinder shot placement and draw time. With many of the polymer frame
pistols, the only inexpensive solution has been molded rubber sleeves that
can shift with use or to slap some skateboard tape on the front strap.
While both serve their purpose, they create a less than attractive
appearance. We would like to offer another option to shooters. Our grip
texturing process will leave your grip surface with a texture that is mild
enough not to tear up the skin on your fingers, while giving you enough
controlled surface variations to keep those follow-up shots on target.
We have several styles and options available to suite any need.
Can be done to shape and size requirements of any surface.

Pistol Barrels & Feed Ramps
Even light to medium texture.
Can be done in any color.
Pistol Barrels & Feed Ramps
Even medium to aggressive texture.
Can be done in any color.
Pistol Barrels & Feed Ramps
Even ultra aggressive texture.
Only available in oxide gray/black.



Surface Repair

Dings, dent, gouges, blemishes...No matter what
you call them, they mean EYESORE! Depending on the
damage, PBI can repair these areas to bring your gun back
from the grave. Steel, aluminum, polymer, and even wood
surfaces! All work of this nature must be
seen to give an estimate.

Be advised that manufacturer stampings that must remain or
are simply desired to remain may make any repair of this nature
out of the question. Also, coating choice is entirely up to us.

Cost is $35 per hour + Materials (If applicable)

Don't be afraid to ask or email a picture of your damage.
Rest assured, we have probably seen worse!

Before & After 1hr of Surface Repair Work