Customer Gallery

For service, click the link located below for a printable
work order. Fill it out and print as legibly as possible.
If more room is needed, print on back or separate sheet
of paper and attach to your order form.
If you have received a quote, print it off and
attach it to your order form as well.


Ship all service orders signature required to:

Para Bellum Inc
6916 Heavrin Ave
Louisville, KY 40218

*We accept NO walk in business at this location*

For Local Drop-Off / Pick-Up in the Louisville area, we have local affiliate storefront locations for your convenience. Please email or call for location.



Pistol Barrels & Feed Ramps
We accept Discover, Visa, MasterCard, Money Orders, and Checks


Pistol Barrels & Feed Ramps
Registered items such as machineguns, suppressors, etc
must also include a copy of your tax stamp or dealer paperwork.

Prior to sending in for service, ATF "suggests" (their words, not ours)
you fill out Form 5 and receive approval.
 If you do a Form 5 approval, include a copy in the box as well.
You may download Form 5 here:

You can view instructions as well as ATF ruling on delivering an NFA
item to an FFL for service below copied straight from
the firearms regs' book:


Pistol Barrels & Feed Ramps

UPS and FedEx require handguns to ship Next Day / Overnight.
This is the carrier's requirement, not a law.
Non-FFL holders cannot ship handguns with the post office.
Long Guns may ship regular ground with any carrier.
All firearms must be taken directly to a shipping
hub of the carrier or given to a uniformed driver.
Do not take firearms to the "Brown Store" locations as these are
privately owned franchises and are not licensed to be in
possession of firearms that do not belong to them.

Cheapest way to ship a handgun is dealer to dealer using Priority Mail.
FFL holders may ship any firearm Priority Mail through the USPS.

Average Ground Shipping Times in Days

If shipped directly, we will return your item directly
to you, the customer. Return shipping address must be a
street address (sorry no P.O. boxes). If shipped through an FFL,
we can only ship directly back to your dealer. If shipping through a dealer,
please have them enclose a copy of their FFL. We send all firearms with
adult signature required. If no one is home at time of delivery,
it is the customer’s responsibility to make arrangements with the
carrier for pick-up or scheduled delivery. We try to notify all customers by
email of return shipping and provide tracking numbers for your
convenience. If for any reason beyond our control a package is
returned to us, the customer will be responsible for any fees there after.

Pistol Barrels & Feed Ramps

Send in more than 1 firearm for refinishing on the same order,
all in same pattern/color(s), and receive 5% Discount
on your Refinishing Order.

Pistol Barrels & Feed Ramps

We accept some Firearm, Magazines, & Ammo trades
for our services. We do not accept everything so email us
a description and picture (if you can) and we will be
happy to look it over. If we are interested in what you have
we will make you a service credit offer good towards any service.

Pistol Barrels & Feed Ramps

Active Military Personnel Receive 5% Discount on
Any Refinishing Order.

Send photo copy or scanned picture
(or email in "Bitmap", "Jpeg", or "Gif" format)
of your valid military ID with your order.
You can black-out your numbers if you prefer.

Pistol Barrels & Feed Ramps

Active Law Enforcement Officers Receive 5% Discount
on Any Refinishing Order.

Send photo copy or scanned picture
(or email in "Bitmap", "Jpeg", or "Gif" format)
of your valid department ID with your order.
You can black-out your numbers if you prefer.

Pistol Barrels & Feed Ramps

Please email us for information on setting up a dealer account.

California Residents Please Read
"Your Papers Please...Comrade."

As of 7/1/08, your state has new requirements. Unless out of state FFL holders
have the newly required California state permit from the CDOJ, we can not
ship any firearms in to your state.
At this time, Para Bellum Inc has no intentions of seeking any "so called" California
State permit to do business in the firearm industry.
Until further notice, PBI will no longer ship any firearms to the
Communist Republic of Kalifornia.
To any customers of the past or possible future that are unfortunate enough
to live behind the new "Iron Curtain" ...we can only hope that you
vote in better leadership or can afford to move.

Note Pertaining to Handgun Service Orders
Please be advised, according to new regulations on the books,
handguns must be sold or returned after service with a separate
safety lock to make the liberals in Washington feel secure.
Customers must send a trigger lock device of some sort for handguns along
with your service order. If no lock is sent, PBI must enclose one for return
shipping at customer cost. We typically keep some freebe's around, but
if we are out of free ones, it's on your dime!
The locking device DOES NOT have to be on the handgun, but it must be in the box
...if you can figure out how this benefits anyone, by all means, tell us please.
This reg', however, does NOT affect any long gun order and NO trigger/action
lock is necessary...go figure.