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CeraKote-H has proven itself to be the best thing for friction resistance we have used to date in a spray on coating. An excellent choice for internal high-wear surfaces or carry weapons that see a lot of holster wear. Self-lubricating and will add as much in function as it does in aesthetics. All H-Series CeraKote finishes are cured at temperatures above 225ºF. Yes, it will adhere to polymer as well as metal, however, some thermal-plastics and polymers can not handle high curing temperatures, therefore we do not recommend nor endorse the use of the H-Series on your polymer surfaces unless you know the polymer's heat stability range.

High curing temperatures are not an issue with the C-Series as they cure at ambient temperatures. Can be applied to polymer surfaces without worry. That being said, the other real advantage of these coatings is their heat stability. Rated to remain stable at 1200ºF. Perfect for weapons with a high cyclic rate or suppressors. In fact, C-Series coatings are used by several suppressor manufacturers as their coating of choice.



DuraCoat is the resilient coating manufactured by Lauer Custom Weaponry. The versatility of this product and the numerous color & sheen choices make it hard to beat, but the fact that it is tough as nails and stands up to the environment is the real reason why we use it. In fact DuraCoat is one of the few products we charge extra to remove. Properly applied and cured, it simply is not coming off without enormous effort. Para Bellum Inc is manufacturer certified in its application, so you can trust the job will be done right. We also offer custom colors and sheen matching. Just send us a sample of what you want, and we'll do the rest. All DuraCoat finishes get clear coat in the sheen of your choice: Matte, Satin (HK), Semi-Gloss, Gloss.

For anyone that puts his or her weapon through extreme volumes of fire, DuraHeat was tailor made for you. Manufactured by Lauer Custom Weaponry, DuraHeat can handle the kind of abuse that will make your polymer hand guard melt and collapse. Rated to remain stable up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit! All the durability of DuraCoat with the added heat tolerance to produce one of the best finishes you can get.




 GunKote 2400
Manufactured by KG Industries Inc., Gun-Kote 2400 series is the result of KGI going back and reformulating their old 2300 series to answer the demand for more colors and a tougher finish. 2400 series teflon has produced excellent results for many years. Self-lubricating and one of the slickest finishes available. You will not find another coating that can be applied as finely and thin as 2400 series teflon which makes it perfect for extreme tight tolerances.

GunKote 3400
Manufactured by KG Industries Inc., Gun-Kote 3400 series is the newest addition to the KG family of coatings. New high-temp cure ceramic based composition, that so far, has shown fantastic results in wear resistance and heat tolerance.  GK-3400 is you best option for a Matte ceramic coating as all others have a mild sheen to them. Plus, it has the richest, most true black you can get in a ceramic.




Classic Mil-Spec finishes that are as pleasing to the eye as they are durable. Darker Manganese or lighter Zinc phosphate available. And for you patina or green park color seekers, email us for quote, because we can help you as well! Great for a base coat under another coating for added impact resistance.


Add park sealer and stop worrying about surface oil saturation to fight the
onset of rust oxidation!


Polished steel. Sounds simple enough doesn't it? But when, why, and to what degree you polish a surface are variables that some don't take into account before making a decision. Tight fitting pistol barrels and feed ramps are something that most people do not maintain properly. Having a high polished surface makes it slick as glass, which in turn keeps those rounds feeding. The other reason to have areas or parts polished is simple just plain old looks nice!




Wood Stain
Nothing is more appealing than the traditional wood stock set stained and clear coated to perfection. Each piece is completely stripped of old finish, smoothed, sealed, stained, and clear coated in the sheen of your choice. Our clear coat is as tough as it is beautiful and will hold up to common gun solvents and oils. Below are listed some of the more commonly requested stain tints, but the full palette of stains could never be listed out in full...There are simply to many! Please keep in mind that stain tint will differ from hardwood to hardwood. Clear Coated In The Sheen Of Your Choice!
Matte   Satin   Semi-Gloss   Gloss

Rather than a simple clear coat over stain, how about a color tint option that maintains the look of the wood grain while giving you the ability to have a truly unique colored finish for your wood. Color options are endless and available in any sheen level you want. This process works best over dark stains like Military Walnut.

Interested in having you wood furniture stained to match the colors in a two-tone refinish of your pistol or rifle? With our Faux Stain application, we physically apply color to the grain a layer at a time allowing us to start with pretty much any color you want. The result is the stained appearance that shows off the natural beauty of wood, but allows you to have much more control on its grain color and depth. Grays, greens, browns, name it! Clear coated in the sheen of your choice.



PBI Camouflage Finishes

Para Bellum Inc

Para Bellum Inc

Urban - Woodland - Desert - Snow - Mountains - Military - Hunting
We can provide you with more options that you could ever image. Just tell us what you need, whether you see it listed as a sample or not, and we will make it happen! Any colors custom or stock.

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Chocolate Chip
Irish DPM
Tiger Stripe
Razzle Dazzle Ambush Vertical Stripe Erratic Stripe Particle
Partial Form Blotch Abrasion Vapor Raptor
Illusion Hunting


LCW Camouflage



Custom Finishes

Just because you want it tactical, doesn't mean it can't be tasteful. The Natural lines and curves of a weapon make an excellent canvass for taking your weapon from ordinary to extraordinary. The most common request for work of this nature is to black out the top strap of a pistol to kill glare. Purely functional, but produces a fantastic look for your weapon. Another popular way to refinish in this category is to pick from several coatings and/or colors to produce that one of a kind look. A two or three-tone finish can be used to get a camo effect without having to actually camouflage the gun. Or perhaps a flashier approach suits you best? Maybe you have always wanted a custom look to a competition gun, or something personalized. Para Bellum Inc is capable of rendering graphic art and lettering on your weapon or accessory. Commemorative pieces, original arsenal style markings from the country of origin, right up to the wildest of designs you come up with yourself. Please do not hesitate to inquire no matter how strange your idea may sound.
Any colors from any of our product line done any way you want. You can spec each part or email us for some ideas to get you started. Each job is priced individually. Email for a quote.

Below are some examples of this type of work


Soviet Hammer & Sickle Graphic On Upper Handguard
Phrase: Do Svidaniya, or "Good Bye", in Russian Cyllric Writing On Fake Suppressor